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Feeding time

Yesterday we sat in the bar of a restaurant by the marina, waiting the couple of hours to watch a large fish being fed. Across the bay the sun sank, tropical mountains faded to blue clouds and yachts swapped places … Continue reading

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Crocodiles and stubbies

Well, today was a day of new experiences. We actually tore ourselves away from the delicious palm edged pool that our apartment looks over to head to the beach to swim, bravely joining the dozens of people already in the … Continue reading

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I’m melting…

Been here over a week now and still haven’t got used to the roughly 29 degree heat and pretty high humidity. Fortunately there is a lot of a/c and cold Asahi beer to help chill things down a little. We’ve … Continue reading

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Tokyo baby!!

Well we arrived a couple of days ago now, and I’m happy to report Tokyo is amaaaazing 🙂 currently updating this from the Apple store opposite all the very posh department stores in Ginza. Jet lag is sadly still with … Continue reading

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Good omens

On the (fully laden) way to Kent, yesterday:

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That John Denver song makes no sense…

So, the flat is packed up (thank you Rae), and its contents are now at Mum’s in Kent. I’m not sure she quite realised how taken over the garage and the small spare room would be, we just have to … Continue reading

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The map is not the territory.

Almost since we first started talking about this trip we’ve had a map – one of those big wall-maps of the world. As we planned and re-planned our route around the globe we’d plot it on the map using trails … Continue reading

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