NZ – North Island.

The adventure continued…

Hubble bubble toil and trouble... geothermal action in Rotorua.
The gases may turn the branches a pretty colour near the bubbling bits but it still all smells.
Cas´s patented stopping the smell technique. Either do this or take a gas mask. You don´t get used to it no matter what the people who work there say.
Right by horrible smelling sulphur-y smoke. It was quite impressive in a molten bubbling kind of way.
Green lakes? It´s just not right. No food colouring used promise.
One of the many Martinborough vineyards in the Wairarapa valley just outside Wellington.
Vines to make wines.
Tongariro National Park, North Island. First volcanoes of the trip.
Tongariro NP
Maori war canoe at Waitangi. This is still put to sea, and takes (if I remember rightly) over 100 people to paddle it. Fabulous, and not a little intimidating.
The head of the Maori war canoe, Waitangi.
The flags of Britain, the first flag of NZ, and at the top, today´s NZ flag. Waitangi.
Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Where NZ as we know it was born.
Detail from the Maori Treaty House, Waitangi.
Paua shell eye decoration on the Treaty House.
A little blue penguin doing its own thing in the Bay of Islands.
Bottlenose or common dolphins. We saw both in the Bay of Islands and my zoology degree was a long time ago.
Our boat went through the hole in the rock. Madness.
Happy to be out the other side. Top driving lady boat captain.
Orca, Bay of Islands
Alex takes some great photos...
Orca and the scientists studying them. A good day at the office.
Orca. Done.

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