Crocodiles and stubbies

Well, today was a day of new experiences. We actually tore ourselves away from the delicious palm edged pool that our apartment looks over to head to the beach to swim, bravely joining the dozens of people already in the water and ignoring the big stinger and crocodile warnings that are plastered up along the beach. A debate raged about how safe it actually was to get into the clear warm (25 degree c) water of the Coral Sea, and Alex had me finally convinced that no, it wasn’t stinger season, and seriously, crocodiles??

So the siren that started wailing, in proper Jaws stylee about 30 seconds after we arrived at the beach was a bit of a worry, and the Aussie life guards shouting at people to get out of the water didn’t help to ease my concerns, especially as the beach was subsequently closed for 24hrs as, you guessed it, a saltwater croc was swimming up and down the shore.

It must be the great flying spaghetti monster being all Alanis Morrisette on us – one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, and you can’t even put a toe in the water…

So back to the pool and a chilled beer – Jenni, I’ll have one for you xx

5 Replies to “Crocodiles and stubbies”

  1. This travelogue needs a real time “stalker” map of your location or more pictures, everyone I talk to wants to see pictures of a tanned Alex wearing a hat with corks dangling from it.

  2. Cas, it seems that Alex is getting you to do all the blog updates – is he too busy drinking beer, or still out walking?
    Trip sounds amazing.

  3. Having previously watched you brave the, ?10 degree c., Cornish seas in May (and indeed Mum’s pond) I’m a little surprised by your trepidation. Very glad you didn’t get eaten by a croc though – you have a lot of fun expriences ahead, would be a great shame to miss them due to a reptilian gumming.

    Lots of love to you both from The Clarks (big & small)

  4. I concur, a couple more pics would be good.
    Alex in a funny hat, YES
    Alex in a funny crocodile, NO

    Perhaps the local Woy-Foy isn’t very high bandwidth or something tho, or some other difficulty; I’m hardly gonna complain in any case.

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