To expand on the previous post…

I cannot believe just how gorgeous this country is. Our very lovely friend Julia picked us up from Christchurch airport on Friday, and since then we’ve been enjoying the Scott family’s fabulous hospitality on their farm near Palmerston on South Island, about 45 minutes north of Dunedin. Weather has been obliging sunny and fresh, NZ red is going down a treat, and it’s going to be hard to drag ourselves away today to continue on our tour of South Island.

So we’re heading off today in the direction of Queenstown (no bungy jumping happening no way not never), and then on to Fiordland, then up the west coast, round the top and back down the other side via plenty of vineyards. Throw in some whale watching, sea kayaking and hiking and it should be a fabulous trip. We’re then heading back to the Scotts’ to join them for Melbourne Cup day (might be a bit boozy…), and then flying up to Auckland the next day for 10 days on North Island.

So that’s us for the next few weeks, pics on the way (promise!). Will now go and pack and see if I can get Alex to download some…

PS negative on the Uggs (but apparently they are VERY chavvy in NZ so good call…)

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  1. Cat,

    I’m sure you’ll love NZ. If you get to Wellington, please go to Eastbourne. I’m not sure if I cancelled my papers or let the bush rats out the loft when I left.
    If you come across a house smelling of rat faeces or piled high with copies of the Dominion Post – you know what to do.
    Have fun!!

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